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Get to know us

Why We Love Being Contractors

At Andrade General Contractors, remodeling isn't just about blueprints and hammer swings. It's about long-held dreams of a sun-drenched kitchen or a functional solution for a growing family, we take the time to listen to your vision, your concerns, and your unique story. With empathy and expertise, we guide you through the entire process, transforming not just your space, but your everyday experience.


Our Team

Dad: The Ultimate Finisher

My dad, Jose, isn't just a contractor; he's an artist with a paintbrush. His skills were honed over decades, leaving a trail of flawlessly finished walls and stunning woodwork. His focus on precision and detail is legendary, and his infectious passion for his craft spills into every project.

Son: The Visionary and Strategist

I, Josue, inherited Dad's love for building, but with a twist. I thrive on the big picture, on understanding how spaces can transform lives. Whether it's maximizing functionality for a growing family or crafting a serene oasis for relaxation, I see the potential hidden within every wall.

Together: A Dream Team Built on Trust

Years of working side-by-side have forged a bond stronger than mortar. We communicate in glances, respect each other's strengths, and push each other to achieve the impossible. This mutual trust and understanding translate into seamless collaboration, ensuring every project flows smoothly and exceeds expectations.

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